Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Special Mama

On our way up north and back, it was wonderful and so interesting to listen to my mama talk of her childhood, her parents, her life in Mexico City, and meeting my dad. There was so much that I did not know. In listening I learned more about her way of being. I learned how she struggled to get an education that never came and now understand why our education was so important to her and my dad.

Even though I have been back for only a few days, my mind goes back to her stories and our conversations. I told her that I would get her a tape recorder so that she could tell her stories. She said that may be difficult because she is like a "highway~" she worries that she will take too many side roads in her story, I told her that's ok, I like "side roads" because they make the journey more interesting.

I really enjoyed these days with my mama and will treasure that memory forever. We actually drove ourselves to Sacramento and back! So proud of us :).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Trip

The ride to Sacramento was beautiful. I had to stop on the other side of Gorman Pass to take a picture of these lavendar colored fields. They stretched for miles. It was amazing!! My mama and I talked all the way. I love listening to her stories. She was so happy.

This picture is taken as we were driving down the hill from the church where my niece will be married in July. Sacramento area is so green right now. Everywhere we looked there were rolling green hills and lots of trees. Gorgeous!!
This is the entrance of the formerly known Coppola winery. The museum inside has lots of Coppola artifacts and historical information. It is now known as the Rubicon Winery.

I took this picture right outside of the "Coppola Winery." The vineyards stretch for miles around. I couldn't get enough of the beautiful scenery. :)

The staircase leading to the second floor of the winery museum.

My mom and I had such a wonderful time with my brother and his family. I missed my family a lot, however, my brother and his wife kept us so entertained and busy all the time we were there. They were great.
It's good to be home :).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Road Trip!!

Today I need to start packing for a "Road Trip" with my mama. This will be a first for me as I have never ventured far from home without my husband.

I am taking my mom to see my brother in Sacramento which is about 6 hours north. Am I excited? I think I am. My sister was always inviting me on trips and I always declined unless they were nearby. When my mom asked me to go, I couldn't deny her, bless her heart. My mama is precious in that way. She loves her children each and every one of them and her heart is full of joy at the thought of seeing them. So yes, I think I'm excited to share in her journey. This is something my sister would want me to do.

I will have a busy day today, finishing with the Spring cleaning :) and packing and making sure I leave everything ready here at home.

It's going to be a good trip. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

I have begun my "Spring Cleaning" which is not my best attribute. But onward and forward is my motto for this week, altough I hope to finish by Wednesday at the latest. Ha!!

Spring cleaning is just one of those things I feel I have to do. Toss out the old, reorganize the new. Much to my dismay, I found two boxes in one of the closets that had been there since we moved in more than 10 years ago! Argghhhh!!!! I should just toss them since apparently I didn't miss anything in there before. No, not really, I'll look through them -- tomorrow!!

But the office is clean - Yay! The hallway is clean - Yay! Hey! It's a good start! Time for a refreshing glass of lemonade. Thank God for a little vacation time. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Friends love dearly from the heart. They worry for you, they care for you, they are your support.

We had a great time at the wedding of our niece yesterday. Beautiful church ceremony and nice reception. The food was delicious!! We conversed with loved ones, laughed and danced to our heart's content. The nicest part was spending time with our oldest children.

A nice surprise was receiving a phone call from a dear friend halfway through the reception checking on us to see how we were. Today we had a well needed long conversation. She is a friend who has gotten to know me so well and I feel like I can tell her anything that may be bothering me and she can help me to see it in another way or support how I already feel. I appreciate her very much. And I know her life is full. :). This is why I say friends love from the heart because I know that she does.

Tomorrow begins a new week ~~ I really need to spring clean!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! Even though I'm not Irish and don't like corn beef or the cabbage dish, I do like green!!!

I am on vacation this week as you can well see -- more time on the computer. It's a beautiful day outside and I'm ready to start my Spring cleaning which I began yesterday. It feels good to have the time.

I hope you all have a nice day and have a green beer on me (yucky)!!! Or just water in a green glass :).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This morning as I listened to my husband getting ready for work, I felt the earthquake come and go. I contemplated whether I should get up and run to the door frame, but then I thought, it will pass. It was slow and rolling. The house creaked and then it moved on. Then I got up because I heard the phone ringing. I knew it was my mama :). We always call each other when there is an earthquake, especially a strong one. She was a little scared. It was a 4.4 or 4.3 out of Pico Rivera. Hmmmmm.... time to get things ready just in case. But you know, we've had so many little ones out of Redlands and we don't make the news like Pico Rivera!

Although, a man called in to the t.v. station and he said that a fireman friend of his had e-mailed him recently and told him that because of all these little ones, we do have cause to be alarmed. He told him to be ready. Ok, now I think that this fireman friend has the "ins" to more privy information than we as the public do, therefore, I am going to believe that it is just a matter of time and be ready.

Nonetheless, I got ready to go work in my classroom for a little while. I had left the room in a mess last Friday and had to go and tidy up a bit. My son's sweet little girlfriend volunteered to help me and off we went. We got so much done. We had lunch at the mall and an ice cream for dessert. It was a good day :). And no more shaking . . . for now. . . ;).

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today I just relaxed and watched t.v. (oh, and I graded papers :). It's the first weekend in a long time that I haven't had to rush around trying to get things done. It's interesting, also, because our children are all gone this weekend. It's quiet. Sometimes too quiet. They all have their own lives and are busy with them. I do miss the busy-ness of having little ones at home. I remember when they were all young when they used to run around, yelling, laughing...I miss all that. Then on days like today, I think -- hey! It's not so bad. I like this. We are at the right time in our lives. So today I watched Lifetime channel movies, "Little Women" and the news. Then I came upstairs to work on my "Farmville" -- fun game :). Growing up on a farm, I thought I'd never get involved with this game. I stayed away from it for quite a while, but then one day, I asked my daughter to explain it to me and set me up -- that was the beginning of an enjoyable pass time "para pasar el tiempo." (Not sure if I said it right in English). Nevertheless, it's a good beginning to our three week vacation. I feel grateful for my life.

I do, however, miss my sister. I wish she were here. I dreamt her the other night. It was good to hug her...

And dear friends, I hope you still have your jobs in the new school year. See you on Tuesday, M. S. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Laid Off Notices :(

Today my dear teacher friends -at least six that I know of - got laid-off notices. Bummer. It was our last day of school before spring vacation -- three weeks of rest. But now I don't know how much rest it will be for them. Yes we were warned, but darn it! They went back 5 years! Who's going to teach these little ones? How are we suppose to keep our scores up with such low morale? The U.S. ranks low in academic achievement and here we are laying off our best teachers across the country for what? I don't get it. The district really needs to rethink what they are doing. They are going to lose a lot of good people.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ummm. . . una taza de chocolate calientito

Have you ever felt one of those weekends that you just want to sit under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and watch an old movie on the t.v. without too much worry?
I need a weekend like that. I'm tired - emotionally, physically, mentally.

It's suppose to rain again. It's ok. I don't mind. I have so much correcting to do. Got a little behind when I was sick and just haven't caught up. So..... tonight and all day tomorrow, I am correcting -- Yeah, right! I'll try to correct. And darn it! I will have my cup of hot chocolate! And sit under my warm blanket!

On a sad note ... we have an auntie who passed away. I don't want to think about it right now -- I don't. Tomorrow, I'll think about it tomorrow. Tonight I want to sleep. . .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life is a Circle Story

Once when I was young, as I sat in the backseat of my parent's station wagon, I heard my father say something to the effect that "everyone is dying around me." I don't remember if we had come from a funeral, if he had just heard of someone's passing ~ I don't remember. Then he said, "I will die, too." I remember looking out of the window wondering why he was saying this. I didn't like hearing it and I didn't understand it.

We're here now. Today we buried our friend, Dave. The Rosary last night was heartbreaking with all the kind words of remembrance. I was doing alright until his younger brother sang and played a tune on the harmonica. I remembered my sister and how much I miss her.

It is our turn now. We are a circle story. Life is a circle story. We are born and we die. It is what we do with our lives that is important. I love my husband, I love my children, I love my mama and siblings, I love our friends . . . and I love God because he blesses me so.

And we continue. . .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Music of the Heart

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