Friday, October 26, 2007

Plural Marriages?

The red moon on a Friday night. Fires are still blazing somewhere up in the mountains. So sad. Tired of the smoke-filled sky. I want to see our blue sky again.

Read some more of my book. It's called "Shattered Dreams" by Irene Spencer. It's amazing how a religion can make a person so dependent on it that it is their only means of salvation and eternal life. Dependent to the point of giving up your happiness to live in a "God-forsaken" area where nothing grows, no electricity, no nice clothes or niceties of life like jam, peanut butter, or fresh fruit. Destined to live with a man who's only thought is on procreation so that he may "secure" that kingdom on some world and populate it with his offspring. This is called "the Principle." And the men control it.

Forget what they say about no jealousy between wives in a plural marriage. Their definitely are jealousies. And why shouldn't there be? Stupid men in this religion!

I watched some people who live in plural marriages on Oprah today. What a coincidence. It was interesting, but vague. These people (pretty wives who say they don't get jealous - yeah, right) danced around the questions giving really sweet answers -- too syrupy for me. They did have a lady who used to live in the same compound that Warren Jessop lived in. At 14 she was married off to a 50 year old man... Cochino! She had I think 8 children with this man. But she said she was so unhappy. When her daughter turned 14, there was talk of marrying her off to an older man. Then while this lady's husband was away on a business trip, she left the compound with her eight children and never looked back. She didn't want her children to be a part of this religion anymore. Of course, she's shunned and will never be accepted again by them. BUT at least her children are safe. Now this was realism. Liked that lady.

I also watch BIG LOVE on HBO. Now that's a good show about plural marriages. Interesting and intriguing.

Why do I find this subject interesting? Who knows. Maybe because I was around it so much growing up that I always wondered about it. I've had friends who are Mormons and they've always been so secretive about it. I guess it's investigating a curiosity.
I haven't blogged for a while. They say when you take a Master's class, you really don't have time for much else. I like to read a lot, I think I have three books waiting in line for me to read. I get excited at the thought of what they are going to be about. Right now I'm reading (in 5-10 minute intervals) a really good story on Polygamy). It's quite a "culture/religion." I like to interpret dreams, too, but that takes a little bit of reasearch. One of my brothers is waiting for his dream interpretation... interesting dreamer. Hmmm..... Our area of the mountains has been on fire lately. We are off of work, therefore, a little time to blog. I have a chapter I have to finish reading for school and a paper to write. Drag... I'd rather read my books. Don't get me wrong, I like school, but I see why it's better to take all your classes while you're still young. More energy. I think I'll just go to school enough to get me to the next level of the pay scale and that's it. I admire my son-in-law and daughter for their desires to get a Master's -- it's A LOT of work. I'm just looking forward to retirement with my Honey. :-) Everyone have a good day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hispanic Heritage Month?

We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. What? More on our plate. Why? At first I thought they were kidding. We've never celebrated this "month," why now? The district is insisting. Ok. What can my little ones do that they can do and not me? I'm hearing that classes are making papel picado, brightly colored tissue flowers, English/Spanish children's books, tile paintings, Diego Rivera murals, Ojo de Dios. Well then . . . I went on the internet and found a really cool idea. We are painting Zapotec weavings!!!!! How cool is that? Now I'm excited and can't wait to get started. Finish the descriptive writing and let's get started. We have two weeks.

Wish us luck....

Our art projects will be displayed in our cafeteria Oct. 17 during Student Led Conferences so that when parents are done with their child conference they can go and see our wonderful displays. I am so excited!!!!!

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