Sunday, January 13, 2008

Amusing . . .

I read with amusement the blog from my precious son-in-law on the pantry - fridge "hoarding." It was interesting and well, very one-sided. But that's ok. Everyone has their viewpoint, but it was funny. I think if my daughter and son-in-law came on a Friday, they'd find a carton of eggs, maybe some yogurt and a nearly empty margarine tub. I do tend to shop on Saturday morning because I work all week. I DON'T like shopping, especially at a grocery store so I'll buy a lot on Saturday or Sunday for the week.

It could be that because I came from a large family we bought a lot. I remember once when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, we didn't have lots of money and both of my parents had work. My dad at a farm and my mom at a factory. They were so broke and my mom finally got paid. We went to her work and she gave my dad the check. We went straight to the store and bought lots and lots of food! We were so excited. We were at that time 6 kids.

Then again it could be because when you have a teenager or any children for that fact, they eat a lot and they like certain things. Forget it if you tell them "you are only going to eat what I make. " They're your kids and if you can afford it you will buy it. My daughter liked strawberries, cherries, shrimp, lobster (we told her she'd better marry someone who could afford her :-). Our middle child liked bean burritos, juice, but no meat. Our youngest likes juice, bean burritos, McDonalds, Wendys, fish, lobster, shrimp, tortillas, papitas, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Bakers, Macoroni Grill, spaghetti. Food! Food! Food!

Then again it could be because you always have to be ready for an earthquake "the BIG ONE" and supposedly we'll be on our own for at least 2-3 days -- got to eat.

Then again it could be that we rarely eat out. We are getting old and our stomachs can't take the rich foods of a restaurant. Sure, we'll eat out once in a while, a hamburger, or Cuca's, but the key word is once in a while. Therefore, have to stock up the pantry. But like I said come at the end of the week and have some papitas and scrambled eggs with a fresh chile. I might have a tortilla, but by Friday there is usually just some bread (old and dry).

Finally, I tend to buy things on sale. Take for instance a can of coffee. My favorite is Folger's Columbian (the best). One large can goes for $8 plus. If I find a sale of $4. I will buy the limit.
I stock up on sale items because there is no way I will pay full price. I remember once I ran out of Folger's and for about a week I drank instant - yuck! But it was coffee. Now there are so many varieties and I never run out of Good Coffee.

In Mexico, they have the "mercado" where a lady can go every day and buy the day's meat, vegetables and fruits. I wish we had that here. I would go. But there's no way I will stand in line at a grocery store every single day. Forget it. I will stock up.

In the end, I guess there are people who "hoard." I hope we are not like that. Maybe to a degree because we do have a hard time throwing things that could be used away. Sometimes I think it would be great to really downsize, but you know, I'm content with the way we live and what we have because we have been so blessed. I came from a middle class upbringing. We always had what we needed and wanted. My husband came from a poor background where he had to really work for what he needed. We have lived in nice little places and have struggled a lot, but we were always good. And together we appreciate what we have.

That was a good rebuttle. Thanks son-in-law. You're always thinking of interesting things.
Have a good week.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Learning . . .

Almost time, but not ready yet. If you wonder what I'm doing, I'm trying to learn how to download images onto my blog. It's frustrating when you are not computer-savy, but darn it!! I will learn!!!!!!! Sometimes it's easier to express yourself through pictures rather than words.

Peace . . .

Happy New Year's!

Happy New Year's everyone! Picture taken at approximately 1:00 a.m. January 1, 2008. Very cool!

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