Saturday, May 26, 2007

Life is Good

27 years ago on May 22, we celebrated our 4th anniversary by giving birth to our first son. Yes, he was our present and how delighted we were that he was finally here. As I layed there pushing with all my might, the doctor came in and asked, "Mrs. L. would you mind if a few students come in to watch the birth of your child?" "Sure," I said. It was ok. "Let's just get this done!" The room filled up with possibly 15 medical students as they stood there smiling at me -- and myself wondering, "Who are these people?" My son was born to a round of applause and a congratulations to us. We thanked them as they filed out of the delivery room. And then they gave him to me. Oh my gosh, what a feeling that was and always has been when you first hold your new baby. 27 years ago. And now my son is a producer for a program on Court TV. How proud we are of him.

We've had such a busy week. Our niece graduated from Middle College (a high school program at a JC) and with her AA Degree. Both ceremonies were really nice, especially the high school ceremony because it wasn't as long. More personal. But the really neat thing that happened during her high school graduation was that after when we all got together to congratulate my niece, my sister-in-law was introducing a friend of hers to us. She said, "I'd like you to meet my brother and sister-in-law and as she moved for her to see us, I glanced up and saw my dear best friend from yester-year whom I had not seen in over 30 years. Can you believe that? We both looked at each other and screamed -- I know I screamed her name, then we hugged each other with many years full of missed hugs -- un buen abrazo.
My gosh, she had not changed in the least. She looks the same. She said the same about me, but I had to correct her because I have the white hair. Ha! It was so good to see her. We had lost touch way back when because she had gotten married, I moved and I got married, and of the group of 6 girls that always hung out together, only 4 of us have kept in contact with each other. We would always asked each other if we had heard from "A," but to no avail. We did not know where she was and then to find out she had never changed her old phone number. We never thought to call her. We will now keep in touch. Planning a get-together in a few weeks. Life is good. Thank you, Lord.

Music of the Heart

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