Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A pillow for my head... please

Wow, I can't believe I'm actually adding to my blog. I have a mere 10 minutes to do so. I feel exhausted. I just finished reading a chapter on small group work. 36 pages long. Did I read it all in absolute? No. I concentrated on the questions the professor will ask. I'm tired of this class, I don't want to do it anymore. Enough. I have one more paper to write. I really feel for the young students who are taking up to 5 classes. How do they do it? Well, let me tell you. They're young!!! They're young, they live at home, most are unmarried - no children. They have stamina -- something I lack. I leave my stamina at work with my little ones. I think the next class I will take is Spanish for Educators, Part 1 -- Ha! Easy! :-) But why not. I need, I think 1 more class or maybe 2 to get to the next level --why not take an easy class -- something I can just sit back and at the end have more stamina.

All I can say is "Young people -- go forward and conquer!" 10 minutes are up. zzzzzzz.....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I'm sorry. We are all sorry. We feel your sadness.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life . . .

I've been taking a class lately on the Pedagogy of Learning. It's been quite interesting. When I went through my credential classes I took the bad with the good and rushed through most of it. I remember touching on some of the thoughts and facts regarding the laws and methods of teaching ELD children, but like I said it was a whirlwind. Now I have the chance to study at a slower pace and really enjoy it. I'm not saying it's not hard because it is. Professors require a lot and want you to work hard at their "game." But that's ok, because I know he works hard, too. Our last instructor on Communication actually told us he was not exactly reading all our papers, but this one does. He grades with precision. He has his rubric and he follows it to the letter. It's all good because he's teaching these young people and old(me) how to be good teachers. It's all about being a really good teacher. Like he said you have to really love children to want to help them in order to work in this field.

I like when I'm learning new things. Hey! Now I know what BICS and CALP really are. :-)
I think the most important thing I've learned so far is that "don't assume the ELD children know what you're saying, especially when using academic language". They need a lot of realia, TPR, pictures, and patience. It's been a good class so far.

However, a friend told me that the University of Phoenix has a program where you can also acquire units. These classes consist of traveling to the Big Trees, for ex., and writing up a lesson plan. I could do that. I found out I need one more class after this one -- or was it two. Hmmmm
Nevertheless, I should be done, with God's help, by the end of summer. Yay! Then I can go back to reading my books.

Finally, a word of advice to all our young people out there . . . GET YOUR MASTERS WHILE YOU'RE STILL YOUNG!!!!! Ok. Talk to you all later. Happy Super Bowl tomorrow. :-)

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