Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beauty & Sadness

Yesterday as I was making dinner, I looked out to see this very interesting, beautiful cloud formation in the sky off to the East. Almost whimsical. . .
The clouds continue to drift quietly across the sky.

A fire started yesterday in the Big Bear area. This morning we could still see the smoke coming over the mountain and now it looks like it's spreading. We had almost made it through Sept. without a fire.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Life is Good

We went to see my sister and brother-in-law this last weekend. They live right next to the ocean and the view was amazing. They are so blessed to live in such a nice "place." We saw so many boats and ships and ferries. We saw seals and a blue heron standing on the rocks. I'll put in some pictures later. I called her the next day to tell her how much we enjoyed their hospitality. I had not been so relaxed in such a long time. In fact, time was not of the essence this afternoon. We talked, we laughed, we looked. They took us to go eat at a really nice restaurant called Wiskey Pete's (wait a minute, is that the place at Stateline? Maybe I have the name wrong) Oh, I think it was Wiskey Jack's -- anyway the food was absolutely delicious for a Mexican-American - emphasis on the "American" - restaurant. I had the shrimp fajitas and my gosh -- it was the best!!!

Afterwards, we walked on the pier looking into shops and the boats docked nearby. The ambiance is so nice and comfortable. This was a much needed afternoon and night off -- away for just a little bit. Ahhhh. . . I told her next time we've got to go on a tour of the Queen Mary.

Pictures later....

Music of the Heart

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