Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Good Day

I called this morning and she is feeling good. She sounded good. :-)
Enjoy the day.

Happy Snowmen

Sometimes we need to stop and think about all the things that make this life a happy life. These are snowmen that some of my little ones made with their parents. Every year I read them a story called "Snowballs." It is about children making a snowman family out of odds and ends. It's a cute story and the children absolutely love looking for and identifying all the different things you can use to decorate a snowman. I sent home a blank snowman with a note in English and Spanish with ideas of what they can use to make their snowman. Parents tell me how much fun they have doing this "parent-child" art project and I love the results.

I wanted to share a few Happy Snowmen with you. :-)

My husband and I went to visit my sister and mom yesterday evening. I was worried about our forthcoming discussion, but it was all good. Her spirits are high. Of course there is always some apprehension regarding such a major surgery, but she has put her faith in God and the doctors. I will be there with her before the surgery once again. I want so much to take all this pain and suffering from her, but I don't know how. All I can do is pray.

Today is a new day. I talked to her this morning and she was good. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for my sister.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One day at a time. . .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I haven't been to Idaho in such a long time. But thinking of my sister's illness makes me remember where we grew up. I think I remember because of all the good memories we hold dear. We loved to go fishing every weekend. We could sit there at the edge of the river all day, talking, laughing, telling each other to "shush" because we were scaring the fish away. Then we'd talk and laugh some more. Sometimes I would sit and think of school happenings, games that were coming up, and sometimes I would think of my future. The thinking was short-lived because then we would break out into songs and trying to remember the verses. To this day when I get stuck on a song verse I'll call my sister.

She also tells me that when I walk, I "wiggle" from side to side -- with an attitude. She makes me laugh with that one.

She likes mystery books -- I like romances.

She likes the classic, tailored look -- I like the casual, soft look.

She likes seafood -- I like seafood.

She likes short hair -- I like long hair (she says I never grew out of the "flower-child" look. I smile because she's right).

She likes traveling -- I'm more of a homebody.

She loves me and I love her. She is my sister.

Life is dealing us a rough one right now. She will go through surgery once again. The cancer is spreading too agressively and I am so worried for her. I continue to pray for healing. But it's so hard.

She is my sister, my friend.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I like to take pictures of nature in all its wonder.
Amazing what wind can do to clouds.

The moon coming up over the San Bernardino mountains this last weekend. Beautiful. . .

Today was MLK Day. It was nice to stay home. Look at these cloud formations -- so cool.
My mom and sister came to visit me today. It was so good to see them. My sister looks rested and well. She says she feels good. I made her a "Surprise Cake" because she loves that kind of cake. It was delicious!! Usually when I make a cake, it takes us a while to eat it all and sometimes we don't finish it. Today we ate it all! I'm so glad her appetite has returned. God bless her and my mom.

Thank you Lord for your gift of nature. I absolutely love it! You are so good to us.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Dear Friend

I had lunch with a dear friend today. It was so good to see her. We have been friends for some 35 years -- that's a long time. I met her and her husband through my husband when we were just dating. We would get a bottle of Merlot, cheese and crackers, and talk through the night. I loved their way of being -- so relaxed, no time limits, no judgements. They were good to be around.

Years have passed and we have watched our children grow, get married, and some have children of their own. In all this time our friendship bond has always remained strong and steadfast. Lately, I have called her for comfort. She knows my sister and my mom. She foresees the struggle my sister will have with the cancer and prays for strength. We had a good talk and I left encouraged and hopeful.

I have to remain strong for them.

We talked about taking our beloved husbands to spend a weekend at the beach. A short trip of friendship, contemplation, and renewal. I think I would like that. Yes, I am truly blessed to have such a dear friend. As we parted, we hugged and I thanked her for coming to see me.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Elusive Sugar and Creamer . . .

Yesterday we went in search of a sugar and creamer and did not find any. How hard can it be to find a sugar and creamer, right? During the holidays, we had family and friends come by or stay with us which was wonderful, however, in the morning when it came time for coffee, I did not have a nice sugar and creamer. My daughter helped me out by taking two little plastic tubs (previously held turkey slices), one with a yellow lid and the other with a red lid. She then labeled them "sugar" and "cream." Problem solved. But I still felt kind of embarrassed although I don't think or hope that they minded these impromptu sugar and creamer containers. Anyway, holidays are over and I told myself that I must go in search of a nice sugar and creamer for the "next time." Visited Target - nothing. Visited Big Lots - nothing. Visited a Marshall-like store called D-D's and again nothing. BUT I did find a new can opener, cute little cheese spreaders, and two extra Christmas gift boxes at 75% off. :-)

My daughter later informed me that IKEA has a lot of sugar and creamers! I think we'll try the antique stores next - they're closer. Ha!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year

A new year has begun. Usually in the past I have always wondered, "What will this new year bring us?" This year, however, I want to say I don't want to know. Perhaps because I already know the struggles that will be faced by loved ones or the sadness I already feel in my heart. In church today, one of the brothers talked about faith and belief in the goodness of the Lord especially during trials or sadnesses. I try.

Tomorrow we all go back to work. It's been a good vacation, lots of rest. Tomorrow my sister also goes to see her oncology doctor. My mom will be with her and me, too. I 'm so glad she is letting me be there with her. I try to be good support for them. She looks good and she is regaining her strength. She is eating well and she feels like she is healing well. I get so excited because I believe in miracles and keep praying for a complete healing. She is my sister and I love her so much.

I asked her the other day how it is that we ended up here in California having grown up almost all our young lives in Idaho. My memory is short and I tend to forget some things. :-) I'm so glad we did come here because this is where I met my husband, but I just wanted to know. She reminded me that when it was time to go to college she did not want to stay in Idaho and go to the nearest community college -- our dad had told her that if we were to go to California (my dad loved California) then we needed to be near family. We have family near L.A. Cool. Therefore, she picked San Bernardino, waited for me to graduate, and together we came on July 4th, 1972 on the Greyhound bus. Can you imagine the thrill of seeing fireworks going off as we passed towns and cities via Salt Lake City. I was so happy to venture away from Idaho. And to come to California -- that was the ultimate. After she reminded me, I remembered.

We lived together her and I for the first two years -- she took care of me and hopefully I took care of her. Her friends were my friends and my friends were her's. We lived on rice and beans, jelly on crackers, and an occassional donut from Winchell's Donut House. She used to get frustrated with me when she would have to study for an exam and I didn't. Tests were easy for me. When I met my "honey" she met him, too. And the best part was that she liked him. The three of us go back so far.

Sometimes we take for granted the people who are around us, especially family. We know that they are always there when we need them.

We need to speak Life, goodness, and encouragement.

God bless us all

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