Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am always amazed at the beauty that God gives us every morning. This morning we awoke to lightning and thunder and humidity. But when I saw this sight out of my kitchen window, I ran upstairs to take a quick picture. It was definitely awesome!

To my son it looked like Modor on Lord of the Rings and after seeing the clip I could see the similarity. Although in the movie, the color is red because of the battle that is going on and here, well, I guess you could also call it battle between the hot air and cool air of the morning. Hmmm....

Happy 5th Anniversary Daughter and Son-in-Law! You are a blessing to each other! God bless you both. See you this weekend. Love, Mom and Dad

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This is a picture of beauty and awe. It is also a picture that shows some kind of restlessness in the clouds. When I took this picture last January, I wondered what it meant, if it meant anything. I hadn't seen anything like it and haven't seen since. But I liked it. It was beautiful.

This afternoon, my little sister-in-law came by to give us some news. She called to make sure we were home and said she was on her way--that she needed to talk to us. She asked if our daughter (her goddaughter) had talked to us. "No" was my reply. I immediately called our daughter and told her "C" was coming over. And she said, "I'll come over, too." I asked her, mija, she's not pregnant, is she (half-joking) and she replied, "Mom, I can't tell you!" And I said, "Hay mami, no me digas que alquien esta embarazada!" She said, "Mom, I'm coming over!" My mind raced -- who could it be? This is where the beauty and turbulence of the clouds comes in.

The beauty is that we will have a new little addition to our family -- a baby. The turbulence is that my nephew ( the one who lives with his grandma) is the daddy. Oh dear. . .

He has only known this girl for three months -- she is 2 months pregnant. Think!!!!

I don't know --- she suffers from depression and sometimes I worry that he does, too. And now we need to worry about the baby. Where will they live? With grandma? Who will take care of the baby? Will their relationship survive? Doubt it. THEY BARELY KNOW EACH OTHER!!!!! I feel for my sister-in-law, for grandma, and for my nephew. Lord.

Ok. Time to go on. Whew, that was a doosey. . .

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer . . .

The end of my summer break is near. Soon I'll be back at it, teaching little ones, correctiing their papers, entering scores etc. etc. etc. It's been quite a month. Some months when I'm off track, I do very little because I'm not feeling well, but this month I have learned to eat better (no meat :-), no soda, very little chocolate. People (family) keep telling me to stop drinking coffee, but that's not the problem. Coffee to me is the ultimate pleasure when it comes to food or drink. I have been drinking coffee since I was maybe 15 or 16 years old, or younger. I have always enjoyed it con un pedazito de pan. My favorite is Folgers Columbian with cream and a little bit of sugar. Oh, I also enjoy a cup of Mocha Latte with whipped cream from Starbucks or Border's Seattle Coffee -- Ummmm .... the BEST! In my life time, I only stopped drinking coffee when I was pregnant with my kids and that was sooooo hard, but necessary.

I remember once, when our coffee maker broke, I told my husband that I would quit cold turkey. First day, ok. Second day -- a bit grouchy and head aches. Third day -- my husband told our oldest son "Son, go down to the AM/PM and get your mom a cup of coffee -- I LOVED HIM! Then we went a bought a new coffee maker. Ha!

Anyway, to another topic. As I was saying, summer break is almost over. Our youngest will be a junior this year. He got his Learner's Permit for driving. He's growing up.

Sometimes when I am somewhere waiting for something whether it be at a stop light or waiting at a store or doctor's office, I see parents with little ones, talkative little ones, excited little ones and I feel sad. I start to remember my kids when they were at that age. Have you seen that commercial where the little girl is talking and talking and the dad is trying to close the door and he runs around to the driver's side and she's still talking? That was our daughter. We loved to hear her chatter. She always had so much to say. Took after her Dad. :-) Then our first son, he was always so quiet and serious. One day when we were going to school and he was sitting in the back seat he said "Mom, why didn't you name me Bill Lopez or Nino Cosby? I turned around to see if he was laughing and he sat there with the most serious face, I knew he was joking and I started to laugh -- then we both laughed. Then there is my youngest, he was a blend of my two oldest -- quiet and talkative. I enjoy our conversations in the morning on our way to school. I enjoy his help in the kitchen. He's no longer a child, but a young adult. He's talking college and future. I foresee that with God's blessings he will soon be on his way, too and then we will be alone without kids. All I wanted to be in life was a mother. This is what makes me sad . . . But maybe I can think positive and be happy that they are all successful in their lives and now I can learn to just be who I am and enjoy spending time with them when I see them. Long and drawn out, I know, but this was my month -- a contemplation of memories, thoughts for the future, thoughts of who I am becoming, thoughts of better health and a strive to meet that goal, thoughts about thoughts. God bless ALL my kids.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Que te puedo decir?

In reading my daughter's and son-in-law's blogs, I, too, will contribute to the when and wheres of speaking in our language.

I am first generation American. My parents are from Mexico, but now citizens of the United States. I grew up speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. Our parents did talk to us in Spanish and I have always respected this language.

When I was young, we attended a school in a small rural community in southern Idaho. We were there because we were migrant farm workers. My dad and mom decided we would no longer migrate because we needed to go to school. All the "compadres" decided the same, therefore, we lived all together in another small community about 20 miles from this school. I loved school. I remembered the first year I was there. I sat in a classroom that was predominantly white. My teacher's name was Mrs. Nutting. She had short curly permed hair and wore glasses and she was nice. At the beginning I used to listen to her talk not knowing what she was saying. Teachers read from the Bible every morning right after the Pledge of Allegiance. Recess was a form of a life- saver because we (our friends) were able to converse in Spanish until a teacher would walk by us and say "Speak English!!" We would grow quiet. Once they were far enough away, we returned to our Spanish.

My dad had us older children read in Spanish and write to our cousins in Mexico in Spanish. Movies for us were at a Mexican theater in Paul, Idaho. I loved going there because all the "compadres" kids were there, too. We'd run and sit way in the front with our popcorn and soda. Watched a lot of good movies there. The only English-speaking movie I saw when I was a kid was "The Three Stooges in Outer Space." It was so funny!

I tried very hard to hold on to my language. My parents slowly began using more and more English to communicate with the outside world. English was survival, it was a way to get and hold a job, it was acceptance. My mom used it more with us kids than my dad. My dad still spoke to us in Spanish. It was ok. English and Spanish.

Sometimes speaking English is seen as a way to be successful in this country, it's seen that way now and it was seen that way a long time ago. It's what you do with it that counts. Retaining your own language is a must, it's a treasure. When my mom and I are alone, she will speak to me in Spanish and I to her. It 's more comfortable that way. I think in Spanish and translate to English. In disciplining my students at work, it's easier in Spanish because I think faster in Spanish. Yes, my own children learned more in English because of their environment whether it was preschool, day care, English-speaking relatives, but had I been more able to teach them in Spanish I would have.

The moral of this long rambling is this: Teach your children Spanish or any other language along with English. They'll be geniuses (like my kids :-)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

An Excellent Sacrifice . . .

Today at church the sermon was on the kind of sacrifice God wants from us: He wants an excellent sacrifice -- it is giving the BEST that you can whether it be at work, at home with your family, your spouse, and with your extended family and friends because it is the right thing to do and has nothing to do with your own personal objectives. It is about giving all your BEST to God. The most excellent sacrifice touches the heart of God for generations.

I come away from church with a feeling of "Wow, that was amazing!" My son laughs and says "Mom, you say that every Sunday," and he's right, I do.

After church, we stopped by my mother-in-law's home It was good to see her again. She looks good. My nephew, who lives with her, was there. My nephew- how can I explain him?
I love him, my heart hurts for him because I feel he needs so much guidance and he reaches out for it and I can only do so much. He has protective "parent" who I need to be careful about so I'm careful of the answers I give him. He is older than my oldest son who has been on his own for a couple of years, yet he acts as if he is younger. Too much was done for him when he was young and was not allowed to grow up -- or should I say was not forced to grow up.

When it was time for my oldest son to go -- make his own way -- I told him, "Son, you know how you have lived at home for a while now -- it's like a bird's nest, well Son, I cut off the branch, and you need to fly. Why Mom? Because it's time. I need to let you grow up. You need to go now. And he went. My nephew has never gone and sadly to say, I don't think he will because he doesn't know how to and maybe he doesn't want to know. He has visited my son and likes the life he lives, likes his independence, but he continues to live with grandma. He needs someone to cut his branch, but I don't think they will. I will continue to love him as I always have and continue to listen to him. God bless him and my mother-in-law.

Good news! Our youngest son passed his driver's permit test! Good job!

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