Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Get-a-way -- Sheer Bliss

Sometimes for our own well-being, we need to take a "leap of faith" and know that everything will be alright while we venture away from the cares of the world. We did just this when my loving husband said, "Let's go for a ride." We packed a few things and off we went. This is a picture taken as we drove north on the 101. It was breathtaking. Wow! I couldn't believe we were actually here.
We saw so many grape vineyards outside of Santa Barbara. Nice, clean, straight rows that went on and on. Ummm.... a glass of wine sounds good :-).

The view from our hotel room. We got there a bit late. Many of the hotels were booked (we're so old-fashioned - we haven't gotten around to booking ahead), but we did find this small, quaint hotel with antique furniture that was sooooo nice and comfortable. We were so happy. The view was beautiful.

The next day we drove to Morro Bay in hopes of seeing the big rock that comes out of the ocean, but it was quite foggy. We were able to see the base, however, I found these birds to be more interesting. :-)

Beautiful artwork of an angel in Cambria where we stopped for breakfast.

Cambria (Maria, we made it!!!) Oh, it was so amazing. Absolutely beautiful. Lots of walking paths, ocean for miles, seals sunning on rocks and very peaceful. We got to come back some day.

Daughter, I took this picture for you to show you that your "friends" are vacationing, too!!
Overall, we had such a wonderful time. To be able to get away even for a short time is such a blessing, especially to spend it with my "honey." Thank you, mi amor, for these days. Where shall we go next year? :-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Two Marias Go to the Spa

Life can be grand. Thanks to my dear friend, Maria, who invited me to go with her to Glen Ivy Springs Spa in Corona -- a day of relaxation, good conversation, and time together.
It was a tug-of-war with my heart whether to venture out in life. My mom is still my primary concern, but she also encouraged me to go and enjoy the day. And I did. It was so much fun. We relaxed in the pool, took in a mud bath (laughed at each other with mud on our faces :), I got a Swedish massage and Maria got a water massage, went to the grotto, a cave-like environment where they applied a mixture of aloe vera and iodine to our bodies - then sat in a steam room with this mixture on :), sat in a mineral bath (which smelled of rotten eggs - yuck - but so nice and warm-had to get all those healing energies into our bodies:), then finally joined many other customers in the lap pool and relaxed again. Ahhhh.... let's not forget the delicious salad lunch and cookies for dessert. We were so pampered -- no time (really, there are no clocks around) no cell phones (locked up :), plenty of iced water and towels. My gosh, we could ask for nothing else. :)

I have decided to start a money jar labeled "Glen Ivy" for next year. "Same Time Next Year"
Right Maria? Thank you for inviting me. I needed a day like that day.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thinking . . .

Watering plants, although tedious can also be very relaxing. I hadn't thought much about it in the past since this is my husband's hobby (gardening). Today, however, has been a relaxing sort of day. Watched a movie on tv., ate leftovers from the 4th (homemade potato salad - yum and chocolate cake with a glass of milk -- so much for the diet :) Then I told my honey, "I think I'll water the plants, they look a little dry. . ." I think he was grateful, "Don't forget the ones on the other side of the deck. . ." No problem. And there I went. I think I'll take over during the summer -- allows me to go outside and water while I think or just enjoy the day.
I think a lot about my sister -she is always on my mind. I miss her. I talked to my husband about her yesterday and expressed my sadness. He is so understanding. He also lost his brother to cancer about 10 or 11 years ago. He misses him still to this day. He told me it will get better. Will it?
I have plans for my month off -- make a hair appt. for my mama (yay!), move her down to the valley where God-willing she can begin again, therefore, house-hunting; go see Pageant of the Masters (artsy event) with my family; go to a spa with my good friend (never been to one in my life -- OMG! I have to wear a swimsuit - YIKES!!!!; have lunch at the beach with my honey during his vacation; and finally, go back to work at the end of the month. I think I can do all this, in fact, I'm happy to do it all!!
Hmmmmm...... :)

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