Saturday, September 27, 2008

What to do?

Ok -- this was our day. . . Son's "girlfriend", sister, and father came to visit. They are a very nice family.

Got up early to tidy up although I feel like the Roadrunner cleaning as fast as I can. Made a cake and strawberry lemonade, just in case.

Let me give you a little bit of history. "K" (girlfriend) and her mom just got back from Houston where they had been since early August because K's grandma was on her deathbed -- to this day she is still very much alive, thank God. Nonetheless, grandma had many kittens, cats that she had rescued. To better take care of her, they decided to bring her back to California. They were able to place many of the cats and kittens, however, they still had to come back with some. As they were preparing to leave, the hurricane hit (Houston, TX). They spent a week after with no electricity, fresh water, or gas. Her dad finally arrived to bring them all back with the extra cats in tow. What to do?

Well, my son asking around to his friends found two homes for three of the kittens. So today they brought them in two carriers. One is a small little kitten, a soft gray. The other is a manx (I think that is how you spell it). And the third is a gray stiped big kitten. So sweet.

Tonight they will spend the night with us and tomorrow my son will take them to their future homes. . . little kittens that survived a hurricane. Now I'm tired -- tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Nephew

Camarones al mojo de ajo -- this is what I hope to learn to create in time for a family dinner in October for my nephews and nieces.

My nephew is about 39 years old. He is near and dear to our hearts.
I met him when he was 4 years old. He was very attached to his uncle, my husband. We used to take care of him for weeks on end. We would take him to the beach, shopping, and my husband would take him to his college classes where he sat quietly coloring or drawing to entertain himself. I loved that boy. He was precious to me. At one point I thought he would live with us forever. As he grew up, he would often babysit for me and became very close to our daughter. Those two are a pair when they get together! You would think that they are brother and sister.

He has grown up to be a kind hearted young man. And it warms my heart when he is in town and calls to ask if I can make him dinner. This time I got an e-mail asking me way ahead of time. He is coming for his high school reunion. I just think that it is so cool that he remembers us.

So I will make camarones al mojo de ajo, carne con chile, arroz, frijoles, y una ensalada.

Wish me luck that I can learn and that it will taste DELICIOUS!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Relax . . .

It's the weekend and finally time to sit back and relax. It's been a long -- long week. Found my little parakeet a home, my senior son finally got his schedule worked out, and now I can just sit back and relax (for a few minutes, anyway).

Then I stop to think of all the things that are happening around us. A metro-link train crashed into a freight train near San Fernando -- so sad. People were killed. That lady McCain is running with is untrustworthy -- do not want her for VP. We don't know enough about her, therefore, why in the world did McCain pick her? They will just throw us into another war. Then there is the hurricane that is hitting Texas. Poor people. Today on the news I heard that Galveston will be very much under water. Amazing how much power a hurricane can have.

I'm just tired. Need to sleep. Tomorrow is another day...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adios Pajarito

Great News! I found this really nice lady to take my little bird!
She was waiting with her daughter, one of my students, this morning and she was the first one I asked. "Quisiera un periquito?" She looked at me like I was out of my mind. Then I said, "Es que volo un periquito a donde estavamos afuera de nuestra casa y lo meti a una jaula, pero no lo quiero porque tenemos un perico grande -- no queremos tener mas pajaros." And she said with a smile, "Si, me gustaria." "Ay! Que bueno!" I answered. So there you go. I found a home for my little parakeet, a very nice home with a very nice family. I have known this family for quite a few years now and I was so happy she said yes. Tomorrow I will take him. I think he will be a happy little camper to live with a family that has more children. They can talk to him more.
Bye-bye, little bird.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

El Periquito

Ok, so this little lost "periquito" practically flies into my hand on Labor Day as we are enjoying a dinner of barbequed ribs and veggies. I quickly get some food from our parrot's bag of goodies and this little famished bird starts eating. What to do. I don't want another bird. Our parrot, Harley, is enough. In fact, he can be a handful, especially right now that he tears up the newspaper at the bottom of his cage in shreds -- a nesting habit or stress -- we don't know. It can't be a nesting habit because he's a boy (or at least we think he is). And what does he have to be stressed about? He has a big cage, lots of attention, good food and water.

When we were growing up, my parents had a parrot, too. Except that this parrot talked. He would say "Cotorita, cotorita!" And he would whistle like a construction worker whistles at a pretty girl walking by. He would also say "Meow -- meow." And he would laugh! He was such a character!

Harley is still a baby -- he is probably about 2-3 years old. He is beginning to say a sound that to me sounds like "Hello." But then he'll say it for everything! Ha!

So back to the little periquito -- I've asked everyone in my immediate family -- no one wants him. He sings beautifully :-). I'm going to ask the "moms" of my students and see if anyone wants him. I don't know -- I think I'm getting a little bit attached, but I don't want to.

Beautiful little bird.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Crossroads

How many times have we've been here -- at a crossroads? Where do we go from here? What options do we have? Are we making the right decisions?
When I hear that "Parenthood does not come with a manual" I always think -- you are so right. It is not easy being a parent, but we've been here before and we know. Ahhhhh.... children.
It's only for a moment.
Have faith that we are leading you in the right direction because we've done it before. We are not rookies, we have seen too much of life already and with God's help we are steering you in the right direction. It's always been about you. . . always.
God bless us all today.

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