Saturday, May 17, 2008


I will take but a minute to say, Wow! It's been hectic around here for quite some time. I think every weekend has been filled with some event or something.

Today, however, we slept in and took time to just sit and relax. Ahhh. . . it was good. Isn't it something to wake up and realize how blessed you are to be in this time and place in your life? The day was beautiful with blue skies and the mountains peaceful and quiet. I'm just amazed with all the wonderment.

My sister called me yesterday during class time when my little ones were all sitting on the carpet and she told me that she was cancer-free. My students asked me who it was and I told them-- "It was my big sister and she is cancer-free! And I am so happy!" Of course a discussion on "cancer-free" began and lasted for about ten minutes. Children. . . :-)

My son-in-law, we hear, is running in his first marathon tomorrow -- yes? Got to call my daughter to be sure. Really cool!

Ok minute is up -- got to get back to work. Taking my second on-line class in Spanish. What am I doing????!!!!!! :-)

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