Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thoughts . . .

My mom is back from Idaho - so glad. She said it was getting too cold for her. I reminded her of the reason we left Idaho -- the COLD! :) It was so good to see her. Three weeks is long enough. She now lives in North Hollywood with my little brother. "No Ho" they call it. My brother said that North Hollywood is being revitalized. To me it looks really nice. Lots of shops, restaurants, beautiful areas. My mom and my brother have a townhouse near this area. I think it's really nice with two bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. It's roomy, quiet and pet friendly. Good for her two little dogs.
I liked this sign. It's catchy! :)

After we visited with my mama and had lunch (trout from Idaho - loved it!) our son (who lives nearby) took us to see his office. He's a producer. We are so proud of him! It was an interesting tour. Lots of activity that goes on in this building. I personally think he works too hard, but then he says I work harder. This was a small portion of his office space.

Today is Sunday, middle of October. Sometimes I marvel at the beautiful views we get from our home. First thing in the morning, I get up and look outside just to see what I see. Most times they are gorgeous sights. Thank you, Lord.
Four months have passed since my sister passed away. Yesterday I had a good conversation with my husband and he helped me to understand my sadness a little better. I want to say sadness because it's prevailing, but sometimes it's also anger. Anger that I couldn't have done more to help her. Anger that I can't call her anymore, but I take that back - I can call and hear her voice on the answering machine of her cell. Then I cry.
I have faith that she is content now and no longer in pain, but darn it - I miss her! We were suppose to grow old together. And . . . she said we did.
I'll be ok. Time will pass. Happiness will return in possibly a different form, and I look forward to it. But at the present, I can't feel it. I can see it in my children and in my husband, but I can't feel it.
One thing that I'm happy about though is that my report cards are done for the first trimester- yay! and I'll be going off-track in three weeks. I look forward to a little vacation. Rest and relaxation and cleaning my house! :) Oh and our field trip to the Apple Farm on Tuesday -- that will be fun!!
Wishing everyone a good week.

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