Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not feeling well . . .

You know you can only go so fast for so long and then you crash . . . These last couple of weeks have been heck ~ testing (lots of testing), raining (got to keep them inside), one or two throwing up (take them outside while waiting for custodian to come sanitize the room ~ meanwhile being aware that the germs are already spreading through the air as we breathe, touching their desks and pencils (I sharpen for them because otherwords it would take them forever!) ~ so ..... now I am sick..... again!

Getting tired of this!!

I'm missing a bridal shower today because I don't want to get the "tias" (aunties) sick. I feel absolutely miserable!

But the bright side is, my honey took us to have "caldo de pollo" (chicken soup) at our favorite Mexican restuarant. It really helped. It was delicious. :)

I hear that we are getting another dose of rain this next week starting on Tuesday. Arghhhh... my poor little ones ~no recess. I'll take the Lysol with me and spray after class everyday, maybe that will help.

I do like the rain if I'm home. I also heard and read at work that they are offering another retirement package ~ sounds interesting, but then what would I do at home? I'd get so bored. But then, maybe I could sub. Who knows, I think about it even more when I'm down. Getting too old to handle the stress of my job ~ at least I feel I am at times like this.

I'll be ok. :)

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