Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sometimes I think my little sister has the right idea about life in general. She has this quiet way of staying to herself and staying out of the drama a family can cause.

When I think I'm doing the right thing for someone, a sibling takes offense and I am left thinking ~ "why?" I'm done.

But when that someone that I am trying to help is my mom then shouldn't it be alright? Apparently not.

Who really cares? I do ~ my mom does and that is all that matters. But I need to step back and let life mend the rifts caused by some. I'm tired, I'm sad, I'm done.


Tia Maria said...

Sometimes we have to realize that we don't control everything, even our personal life. When we come to this realization and accept it, then we can let go. We don't let go completely, but we loosen up that tether a little and let other's participate. Trust me, they will soon tire of the responsibility and work. Your Mom knows who really cares and loves her. She will be calling you soon. Take this time to tend to yourself. You also need to be nourished and cared for. Happpy Valentines Day. BTW - your farm looks great. Mine definitely needs some TLC.

From Idaho to California said...

Thanks Maria :). Sometimes I want to just tune out - shut down. Sof did a lot for my mom. I see that now more then ever. I just wish family members could be more understanding. Farmville is a good release - relaxing :). Glad to see you're finally "working" on yours. Ha!! I'm sending you gifts!

Anonymous said...

let us be happey everyday!!........................................

From Idaho to California said...

Yes... that is a good philosophy :).

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