Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Friend

A good friend of ours passed away about three days ago. We don't know what happened, all we know is that he is gone from this life. I knew him, but not as well as my husband or close friends knew him. He was a kind soul, a fellow teacher, a gifted musician. He always asked me how my class was going and I, in return, asked him the same. He was a friend of a few words, but his music was intense. I liked him...very much.

We will gather once again to comfort each other and speak of the one who has left us. Sometimes I don't want to think about it because I cry for my sister and now for our friend. Then I think that they are in a far better place than where they were, perhaps. Perhaps because we will miss him just as I miss my sister. Funerals are very sad and sometimes they are happy as we celebrate the person they were and the memories we hold dear. But I still feel the sadness.

Life goes on, this I know.


Tia Maria said...

The hurt goes on. He was also a good friend of ours for more than 38 years. Today, as I was putting together a picture collage for the services, an old song played on the radio; Rickie Lee Jones was singing "Under the Boardwalk." This was one of our favorite tunes we usually played when we jammed. When I walk into our cellar, the first thing I see is "his" chair - labled as such because he always claimed it when he came over. Such a talented guy to have such a tragic end to his life. RIP Dave - we miss you much down here on earth.

From Idaho to California said...

I'm so sorry, Maria. I will always remember his quiet way of being. "Under the Boardwalk" - yes, the band always played that song. We will see you soon.

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