Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello . . .

Something is wrong with my laptop :(. I had to come upstairs and use my husband's desktop which is a beautiful computer, but I miss my laptop.I'll have to wait until my sons come home and fix the problem which is probably minute, but heck if I know what it is. Usually they press a couple of keys and voila! it's fixed. I really need to learn computers!

Oh well, it's ok. I have so much more to do than check my Farmville :). Ha!

We met my little brother's girlfriend last night. She was very nice. I really like her. She seems sensible, caring, and sweet. I was surprised seeing that my brother who was quite the accomplished bachelor had met the girl who might settle him down. I wish my sister would have met her ~ she would have liked her. 2011 has begun with such a pleasant surprise.

Sister, you are smiling, right? Because I am.

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