Monday, April 23, 2007

Blessings All Around

Cool! I'm getting better at this. :-) It's amazing what one can do with technology. This is a picture of us entering Arizona. My sister and her family live in Phoenix and I just love taking a ride out there. Arizona is a beautiful state. The last time we went was for Thanksgiving. During this trip, we went to Sedona and also the Grand Canyon. It was amazing! If we could retire to Sedona, I would be in heaven. It's so beautiful. When I'm able to get those pictures from the camera to the computer (when I learn from my daughter) then I'll post them so you can see what I mean.

Tomorrow I return to work. It's been a good off-track. I helped see my sister through her cancer surgery and thank God for carrying her through. He is an awesome God and I love Him so. I got to spend time with my siblings and my Mom. Thank God for my Mom, too. She's a very strong lady. God bless her. Hey, and I cleaned my house - nice. Next week I get to see my little ones whom I have missed very much. They are a good class. Only two month or less before I send them on to 2nd grade. Teach! Teach! Teach!

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