Saturday, May 28, 2011


We're thinking of buying a new car ~ so cool. Check it off on the bucket list! This will be the car we retire with because after that there will be no money to buy a new one so we need to make it worth the money. We're also planning trips in the near future so a new car would definitely help. We keep borrowing our younger son's car which he so graciously lets us use, but he has plans for the summer and we don't want to inconvenience him anymore. He's become a very independent young man.

Kiwi green is a nice color. What do you think? A midsize SUV would be ideal. Someday I will have grandbabies and I will be able to drive them around in a comfy car. :) Hint! Hint!

Car sales people, however, are a different breed. They pounce on the innocent right away! All we want is a good price and that's it!!

Wish us luck!!! And good blessings.

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