Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Contemplation . . .

Just when I think I have a handle on things, I don't. Total happiness alludes me and I think it will for a time.

A teacher friend asked me how I spend my Mother's Day, did I have a good day. My reply to him was "yes," because I did. My husband and I took a weekend trip to Phoenix, AZ to see my little sister and her family. We returned in time to spend Sunday afternoon with our kids. It was a wonderful weekend. I was so happy to see my sister ~ she is precious. It felt good to be with her ~ I told him I got my "sister fix." :)

Every day I miss my older sister. It will be a year that she passed away - June. I don't know how I will handle that day.

Work on the other hand is still in disarray. A good teacher friend of mine - in fact, she was my mentor teacher when I first began teaching- has been moved to kinder. I don't think she is happy with that decision. I feel so sad for her because she is sad. She'll be working with two - three very good kinder teachers so I think it will be good for her. But I know she did not want this.
Sometimes I just don't get it. Decisions, decisions!

This weekend our daughter will be a Godmother. We are excited for her and look forward to joining her and her husband at the church and reception after.

Yes, life goes on ~ I go with the flow ~ bobbing up and down. :)

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