Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life continues . . .

Today we went to eat at Red Lobster in Ontario as a celebration of my mama's birthday. It was nice, yet sad. My sister always took my mama to eat there for their birthdays. I thought it was appropriate and nice that we continue the tradition. My mama was happy for the suggestion, but I know she was sad, too. Along with my husband and I, my children were there, my nephew, his wife and son were there and so was my brother. We had a nice time. We laughed, we talked, we reminiced. And the food was good.

I guess life goes on although sometimes it is very difficult to fathom the vastness of the emptiness we feel without her. I know I dream her, but I can't remember exactly what the next day, but we're always happy in my dreams.

Our son graduated - we were so happy for him. It was a difficult time for him also. He loved her so. We had a little party for him since this is what my sister wanted and ask us to do. We did. Sweet, wonderful friends of ours provided the music. Their band is really great. I love listening to them. Soothing, calm, funny, dance-able music. Oh, I thanked them so much. God bless them. My sister loved them, too. She would have enjoyed them also -- maybe she did :).

What else can I do to get past this time - except for what I am doing now. Grieving seems like a forever process. I miss her so much.


Tia Maria said...

Hi - glad you got out. Yes, life does continue but it does take time. I can't say that it will be back to normal because it won't. But with time, you will feel better. There is not time limit to mourning, especially when it's a love you that's so dear to you. The emptiness, the pain, the crying for no apparrent reason is all part of mourning. Sometimes it takes days, months or years. No one can put a time limit but you will know when you are better. Trust me, you will. I'm here for you.

From Idaho to California said...

Thank you, my dear friend. The tears come so easily as I read your comment. Thank you for understanding.

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