Saturday, December 29, 2007

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I don't know what it is about beginning a New Year -- I think it's the remembrance of years past that causes one to think and be grateful for a new year and the fact that we are still here. This last year was a difficult one in some respects. We lost our beloved Mr. M. in a tragic car accident. We helped my mother-in-law move all her belongings to the home she shared with her mother, our grandmother. We've been helping to get her home in order. Someone stole my identity-bummer! But working my way out of that one. It's just been heck, but look on the bright side -- we have our health, my kids are doing so well, and we're here.

My mind goes back to our first New Year's together as a married couple. We lived in a little one-bedroom basement apartment across from RCC in Riverside. We were so young with a little baby. She was such a cutie and we marveled at this precious little thing. Her daddy made her a small crib out of bamboo because we couldn't afford a store bought one. But you need to remember that this was back in the early seventies and we were considered "flower children or hippies" -- so it was an appropriate little bed for our little girl. Sometimes our car was not in working order, therefore, going to the store to buy necessities was an adventure. I would say the store was maybe a mile or two away. Her daddy would strap on a carrier to his chest and we would put her in there and away we went. We walked up and down grassy hills and busy parking lots, across streets talking and laughing all the way with our precious little girl fast asleep in her carrier. This little apartment and this time holds many good memories for me. It was the beginning of many new years together.

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