Thursday, February 1, 2007


Today was a better day. In fact, it was a much better day than the ones we've been having for a long time. Things are looking up at work once again. Posted some standards today -- looked at my classroom with a feeling of satisfaction like maybe this is all worth it. I love my kids - I do, but when the district gets on their high horse and thinks so little of us, then that's where things start to go downhill. I get the feeling -- no, it's more like a known fact -- we live in two different worlds. We live with teaching and caring for our little ones and they live in the world of money and the making of money. Makes me mad!

But like I said it looks like things are once again going to be on track. We have some hard working people on our side and they did their job well, including my daughter who is very union( takes after her dad :-). This battle really took a toll on us, but thank God, it looks like it's coming to a close. We can go back to the enjoyment of teaching. . . . And living.

Super Bowl this Sunday!!!! 80 degree weather!! Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs!! Enjoy the game!!!

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